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Resolutions, Past and Future | January 2, 2016

In 2015, I changed up my resolution structure. Rather than making 5-7 rather sweeping ones that covered most areas of my life (and achieving a 30-50% success rate as a result), this time around I kept it short, sweet, and thematic:

1) Read at least 52 books.
2) Make more of them fiction.
3) DON’T PEEK AT THE ENDINGS! (A particular weakness of mine.)

I stumbled twice on number 3, but otherwise enjoyed 100% success.

In 2016, I am resolving to do the following:

1) Significantly pare back my relationship with Facebook. This is already underway and has been very interesting to observe its effects so far. Last night I learned some news about a mutual friend in person rather than via social media. I can hardly remember the last time that happened.
2) Put my feet on the park path most days, only exceptions being for ice, super negative windchill, and torrential rain.
3) Learn to eat to 80% full.

And away we go…


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