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Reentry | January 4, 2016

There’s a lot of bemoaning on my social media right now about the return to work, school, regular life, etc. tomorrow following the holidays. I started a new job in August so didn’t have a ton of PTO to spare, thus I was only able to take Christmas Day off during Christmas week, but I did get a nice long weekend over the New Year, so that was my holiday vacation. I am more looking forward to everyone ELSE having to resume their daily routines, as I have been quite lonely in the office (and yes, on the internet, let’s be real) over the last two weeks.

We had a truly lovely weekend. On Thursday, David and I were both off but daycare was OPEN (yay!) so we got to have a date day. We went out to brunch, treated ourselves to a few new things using gift cards, and picked up seafood to make a nice NYE meal at home. Evidently everyone else in Minneapolis had the same idea, as the line at Coastal Seafood was out the door. We hiked with our dog in the nearby golf course alongside a multitude of cross-country skiers. Friday we had a mostly lazy and cozy day at home with our daughter, but each of us managed to get out for another hike, and on Saturday my mom took C for an overnight, so we had ANOTHER date day! We mostly took it easy with more brunch, napping, and reading, but we had an outstanding dinner at a new Italian restaurant a few blocks from our house, and saw the The Martian at a small local theatre. Even in our pre-child days, I don’t think we ever went to such a “late” (9:20) show. Haha. This morning I didn’t have to pick C up from my mom’s until close to one, so I got to spend the morning in my robe reading and drinking coffee completely uninterrupted. Bliss.

Today I spent some time working on my terrible clothing situation. Our bedroom is set up so we have a dresser in the closet, which David was using, and one in the bedroom, which I was using, we we both have stuff hanging in the closet. I think not being able to see all my clothing in the same space was working against me, so we switched. I washed AND folded AND put away (almost) everything, and I’m hoping just the act of taking better care of my clothing will make me feel better about what I own. I also attached a sheet of paper and a pen to the closet wall I can jot down wardrobe gaps and replacements as I realize them each morning. So simplistic, I know, but I do think it will help keep me motivated to continue figuring this out.


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