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Funlist | January 5, 2016

Some things I’m looking forward to this year. I wouldn’t call these goals, exactly. Intentions?

I desperately want to try paddleboarding. It was on my summer bucket list and I just never got around to it for some reason. This year it is happening!

I’m planning to listen to the Pimsleur Spanish discs. I really need more listening and speaking practice.

I can’t wait to try out the personal shopper service at Arc Value Village.

If we can manage a weekend getaway, I’d like it to be to Chicago. David and I have been talking for years about a trip where we eat at all three of Rick Bayless’s restaurants (he’s a big fan of Rick’s).

I’m supposed to go to London for work in June. If we can line up willing grandparents, I’m hoping David can join me after I’m done working and we can append a few days in Paris or elsewhere.

I’d like to take myself to at least one or more dance performances. I love to watch dance, and we have an amazing center for the performing arts in downtown Minneapolis.

I’ve wanted to try out a float spa ever since I read about it here.

I hope that David and I can find a day to go downhill skiing together. Or, failing that, cross-country skiing. Cheaper and closer to home.

I want to take more pictures of just myself, and of David and me together. Understandably, almost all of our pictures are of C only.

I’m wanting to get our basement under better control. You could have eaten off the floor when we first moved in and now…not so much. It’s unfinished, so it’s not a huge deal, but I’d at least like the option for C to be able to practice her balance bike or whatever down there if the mood strikes.

Finally, this is the year we’ll finish paying off debt and reestablish our savings. We took a loss when we sold our old house and between that and some big medical bills, we acquired around ~20K of debt. We’ve been aggressively repaying it, but seeing any real progress has been slow. I’ve never had a debt of this size before, and knowing it wouldn’t be paid off until “next year” depressed me quite a lot. Well, it IS next year now, and within six months it will be all gone! I couldn’t be happier.


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