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Resting Weekend | January 11, 2016

How was your weekend?

Ours was peaceful, quiet, and COLD. Incredibly so. We’ve enjoyed an unusually mild winter so far this year (for which my usual tendencies toward SAD say thank you!). Temperatures started dropping late Friday night into early Saturday morning, and stayed that way. With windchills as low as -25F at times, the question of going out was…out of the question. Save for David making a brief trip to Home Depot, and me walking the trash to the alley, we didn’t leave the house until Monday morning.

So, we just lounged. We all got plenty of sleep. We made French toast one morning, pancakes the next. I read a whole novel, did some writing, made banana bread. David and I both did laundry AND we put it all away, every last stitch. We formulated a plan for tacking the mess that is the basement, possibly as soon as next weekend. C spent the entire weekend in pajamas, cycling from one fleece sleeper to the next as they came out of the dryer. She was very happy.

It all sounds so ordinary and not even worth mentioning, let alone writing about, but truly, this is highly unusual for us. It’s been only recently that staying home all weekend to just hang out and play has turned from stressful and unfulfilling to genuinely relaxing, refreshing, and happy cozy fun times. That probably says as much about me as it does about trying to entertain a toddler indoors during the deep midwinter. So I’m enjoying the opportunity to wholeheartedly embrace the fallow season of the year.

To that end, I’m participating in an online course by beauty that moves called Hibernate. It just started today and runs through the next four weeks. I really like the idea of turning wintertime into a special time of focus on coziness, rejuvenation, pampering, and fulfillment instead of just something to be endured (only ten more weeks til the first day of spring…ahem).

I’m also doing Laura Vanderkam’s latest time tracking challenge, also starting today. I didn’t realize the timing of both projects when I signed up, and doing both at once feels like a bit much for me, but at least LV’s is only for one week. I’ve tracked my time before and even color-coded my finished log but never got around to analyzing it too deeply (or at all, really). I do still have the first log, though—AND it was pre-child—so comparing the two might be incredibly interesting. To me.

Have a great week!


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