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Time Tracking, Day 2 | January 13, 2016

Awake at 6:30; this time I spent 45 minutes in bed with my phone before physically getting up (on one hand: sigh; on the other: not so surprising, given how late I was up the night before). I shortened my getting-ready time by fifteen minutes accordingly (meaning I skipped blow-drying) and was out the door at 8:15 again. I did daycare drop-off and was at work by 8:45.

I left work at 4:45 and was home fifteen minutes later, David having picked C up. We hung out as a fam while David started preparing dinner. The rice burned just as everything else was coming off the stove, so I dashed to the grocery store that’s <5 minutes from our house for microwavable brown rice packets. Dinner was done by 6:45 and I attacked the cleanup while David got C ready for bed. I even pulled together the batter for banana bread in this time.

From 7 to 7:30 was C’s book time, although she kicked me out of her bedroom halfway through so SHE could sit in the glider instead of having to sit on my lap. I gave her a few books from her basket and she was more than happy to page through them on her own, “reading” the parts she recognized out loud. So incredibly freaking cute. I kept an eye on her through the open door while I finished picking up and put the banana bread in the oven.

Once she was down for the night, I puttered around and got ready for bed while waiting for the oven to ding, then moved upstairs to our bedroom to internet (45 minutes) and read (just over an hour or so). I tried to go to sleep around 10:30 but was feeling pretty restless and wound up still, so I ended up turning the light back on and reading for another half hour before falling asleep around 11.


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