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Time Tracking, Day 4 | January 15, 2016

Are you bored with these yet? I kind of am. Not so much variety on weekdays for me. But for the sake of completion and posterity, I’m going to forge ahead.

On Thursday, I snoozed my alarm and didn’t fully wake up until almost 7:15. I grabbed my phone as usual but only for 15 minutes this time. C and I left the house closer to 8:30 (ack) and so between that and a quick stop to pick up some breakfast, I was at my desk by 9.

In the late afternoon, after another frazzled day, I called David, who had also had a stressful few days at work, and proposed a rare dinner out. We bandied around a few options but in the interest of simplicity and proximity (the places we were more interested in would have meant sitting in traffic), we decided on our neighborhood pizza joint. I left work around 4:45 and picked C up, and we met at the restaurant around 5:15.

We had a lovely meal out. C has always been an extremely good restaurant-goer, even as an energetic toddler, and we left around 6:30 feeling much more relaxed and looking forward to the rest of the evening. David took C home while I headed to the library nearby to pick up my reserve items. I was home by 6:45 and surprised to find C already completely ready for bed. I put my stuff down and commenced her book time at 7, which she dragged out until 7:45. I have a hard time cutting off books.

I got myself ready for bed and made a beeline upstairs for the comfort of my heated mattress pad, spent 30 minutes or so interneting and the rest of the time reading until lights out around 11. I couldn’t sleep, though. I tossed and turned until 12:30 and ended up grabbing my Kindle to read in the dark for a half hour until I couldn’t keep my eyes open and then I was out for good.

On a related note, I am seriously enjoying this series about how prominent New Yorkers spend their Sundays. Except for how poor I feel after reading them. 🙂


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