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Bullet-Pointed Life | January 25, 2016

How are things? Here’s some stuff that’s new in my world lately.

– Project: Basement Cleanout is coming along very nicely. We spent about 3 hours on Phase 1 last Monday when we both had the day off, which included lugging several bags of trash and recycling to the curb and packing an entire SUV full of stuff off to Goodwill. Our remaining belongings still need to be organized somewhat and shelved neatly, but ALL of the trash and junk is now OUT, which feels huge. David said he was going to be “ruthless” and he totally WAS. I was so proud!

– For someone who has only been exposed to Spanish since last July, C’s impeccable pronunciation blows me away. I really wish I could hear more of all that she knows — I know it’s way more than she lets on — but she doesn’t speak it at home very often, despite my best attempts to engage her in conversation.

– Speaking of daycare, this week they are starting yoga classes with the toddler and preschooler rooms. I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about this and I cannot wait to see the pictures and videos that the director has promised she’ll be taking.

– C provided us our very own “life’s bleachable moment” this weekend. This one, to be exact. So gross, but also pretty hilarious, even in the moment. Fortunately by the time I arrived on the scene, she’d only really gotten one good dunk and swish in, so the cleanup wasn’t that bad.

– After two weekends in a row of subzero temps, it has since warmed up substantially (20s and 30s), so on Saturday morning C and I bundled up in our winter duds and went outside to play. We ended up at the makeshift skating rink at our neighborhood park, which absolutely fascinated her (“That’s amazing!” she said, gazing at it raptly). I pushed her across the ice on the sled for quite awhile, we held hands and shuffled around like penguins, good times were had by all. I guess we’ll need to get the two of us some skates now!

– At 2y3m, C is juuuust closing in on having enough hair for a the tiniest ponytail on the very top of her head. Until now she’s been living vicariously through other people’s hair. We spent quite a bit of time doing and redoing her ponytail and admiring it in the mirror on Saturday. I’m going to have to pick up some more of those minuscule elastics for her, preferably in really bright colors.

– We actually cooked dinners on Saturday and Sunday, rather than just heating up stuff from Let’s Dish! Well, I say we but David does 99% of the cooking around our house. He made these pork soft tacos, which are one of our longtime favorites, and Lidia Bastianich’s bolognese from her Italian-American Kitchen cookbook. I wish I could find the recipe he used online, but trust me when I say it was spectacular.

– Late Saturday night I was sitting downstairs reading when C started to toss and turn and whimper. I waited to see if she’d settle on her own, but when she was still at it fifteen minutes later, I went in and asked if she needed a cuddle. She tucked up against my shoulder when we sat down in the glider and was snoring again within minutes. I sat and rocked with her for another half hour because it was so just so damn sweet and peaceful, and I so rarely get to see her sleeping these days unless it’s through the video monitor.

– Other weekend highlights included an hour-long massage (finally cashing in a gift certificate from my last birthday…uh, in June) and a lovely brunch at my dad’s house with his wife, my brother and sister-in-law, my one-year-old nephew, and my grandpa. The purpose was to get together one last time before they head west for the rest of winter like they do every year — first to California for a month in wine country, then to Utah to ski. I really wish we could join them for a few days but we don’t have the financials if we want to finish up our debt repayments by summer, and that’s our top priority right now. Maybe next year…

– Goals for the week: get to work earlier! And hit the gym at least three weeknights.


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