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November 13, 2016
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I’ve been feeling the pull back to writing, so in dusting off the ol’ blog, and in poking around my most recent (cough, eight months ago) entries, I found my 2016 funlist and also my 2016 resolutions. As the year is begins to wind down, what better time to check my progress?

Well, uh, turns out I barely did any of them, and that realization made me feel pretty damn crappy at first. But then I realized it wasn’t exactly for lack of trying.

  • Paddleboarding – I signed up for a class, which turned out to be the last one of the season, which was then cancelled due to low attendance (i.e. I was the only attendee).
  • Pimsleur Spanish CDs – I actually did start listening to these, and found them way too boring and unchallenging to continue. Perhaps I should have skipped ahead to disc two…I’m now eyeing a subscription to the Babbel website instead.
  • Personal shopping session at the thrift store – you can only make appointments by phone and they never, and I mean never, pick up. I got into Gwynnie Bee instead. A lot more expensive, but also a lot more reliable.
  • Weekend getaway – nope. I did actually get to Chicago for work and ate at several fabulous restaurants while there, none of them belonging to Rick Bayless. I’m not too broken up about this one.
  • London + Paris with David – we did achieve this, and it was fab and basically cancels out the weekend getaway.
  • Dance performances – nope.
  • Float spa – ditto, but I can probably still squeeze this one in this year if I really want to.
  • Downhill or X-country skiiing with David – nope. In February, we did actually sign up for a candlelight cross-country ski event through the park service but it too was cancelled due to poor conditions and I was secretly relieved. One of those things that sounds fun and romantic in theory but is miserably freezing in reality. If this is gonna happen in 2017, it absolutely needs to be in the daytime.
  • More pictures of me, and of our family as a whole – nope, not even candids and only one decent selfie. 😦 WTF, self? This should be the easiest one, and is probably the one I feel most bummed about.
  • Basement – it’s pretty well de-crappified but it’s not any cleaner nor more organized nor more fit for a child to hang out in. In fact, it is even dirtier. I think about it all the time, but the truth is that I really don’t know where to start.
  • Pay off all our debts – yes!…and then acquired some new ones in the form of a new car, porch furniture, and a new water heater. They are all low/no interest, though, and only the car will take more than a few months to pay off.

Resolution-wise, I resolved to continue paring back my relationship with Facebook (and improve other internet habits in the process – this will always be a work in progress but mostly continues to go fantastically well), put my feet on the path most days (lol), and eat to 80% full (nope, in fact I have probably gained a few more pounds).

So, then…what have I been doing instead? Well, after work/parenting/commuting/sleeping, I mostly read. I’ve just finished my 68th book so far this year and realistically will probably break 75+ by the end of the year. I’ve been gradually building a mindfulness and meditation habit (props to the Buddhify app above all others – I listen to it in the car going to and from work, and at home as needed). Over the summer, I had two long work trips and took a lot of long walks in the evenings and took C to the beach several times. We’re cooking at home more and C has acquired more toys, so I spend more time tidying up the joint. I’ve been doing hatha yoga almost every Sunday morning for a couple months and am really enjoying it and hope to try yin or restorative soon. In lieu of a dance performance, I took a day off work and spent it visiting local art museums, which is one of my favorite memories from the year. In October, my team at work agreed to do a “journal challenge” that only two of us ended up participating in, and I ended up carrying on with it to the point that I purchased a 750words subscription.

My mistake, if you want to call it that, was probably not posting my goals and interests anywhere I could regularly see them, and yet…I’m happy with what my “projects” for the year ended up being. Some of them, like yoga and journaling and meditation, have been dormant desires for years. Who knows if I’ll be able to keep up with them into 2017, but I’m enjoying them for now.


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